Scheduled Maintenance

Do you know all the intervals at which your car’s manufacturer recommends service? We understand if you don’t know all your vehicle’s needs and how often you should have it serviced. At C.A.R.S., we take pride in taking care of that burden for you.

At any one of our facilities, you’ll not only have access to experienced, skilled, and honest auto service professionals, but to numerous amenities: comfortable lobbies, free Wi-Fi. It’s all part of the nice difference we offer our customers to transform their car service experience and get them back on the road as efficiently as possible.

The Scope of Our Maintenance Service

Every time you come to C.A.R.S., we will check your service needs. Does your Toyota need transmission service? Is your Honda due for a tune-up? You might be surprised to learn that we actually offer more choices for factory maintenance than the dealership.

Every time you visit C.A.R.S., you will receive a complimentary courtesy inspection. As part of that comprehensive review of your vehicle, we determine whether it is due for any scheduled manufacturer-recommended service.